January 19, 2018


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What is NIFES Career Mentoring Program (CMP)?

NIFES Career Mentoring program is an initiative of NIFES UNIPORT ALUMNI aimed at providing career advice for students and associates who hope to build a career in designated professional fields: Engineering/Oil and Gas, Finance, and Banking. Teaching and Education, Graduate Education, IT Communication, Entrepreneur, Health, and Medical. We currently have eighteen (18) mentors and had fifty-five (55) students/fresh associates participating in the first cycle which lasted for two months (July and August 2017). We concluded the second cycle of mentorship on the 30th of November which started on the 1st of October, 2017. The third cycle started on the 1st of February to 31st March 2018 and the fourth, 1st of June to 31st of July. We’ll always do three cycles each year.



  • Introduction- Career Mentoring Program and Council
  • Objectives
  • Long-Term Goal
  • Core Activities
  • Associates/ Students Commitment
  • Development Framework
  • Guidelines for students and mentors participating in this program
  • Evaluation
  • F.A.Q.S



Career Mentoring Council

The goal of this unit is to provide career advice and mentorship to NIFES students and associates who hope to build a career in designated professional fields. The council has a coordinator who recruits volunteers who can serve as consultants in various professional fields.

The consultants should be willing to submit a short professional bio or a LinkedIn profile, and also detailed information about the place of work, profession, etc.

Consultants would commit to mentor and provide guidance to other associates and students who hope to secure employment within their industry.


The objective of this program is to provide career advice and mentorship to NIFES students and associates who hope to build a career in designated professional fields.


The long-term goal of this campaign is to establish a dynamic relationship between NIFES Uniport associates who are working in various industries and their student/younger counterpart who may need guidance in their career path. The long-term view is that the council will act as a career resource center for those who need it.


Here are the four (4) development frameworks

  1. Seminars/Trainings-Mentors can give seminars in their fields to mentees. The program coordinator facilitates online streaming for
  2. Career Advice– Mentorship sessions via various modes of communication
  3. Meet Ups-Activities such as in-person meeting, discussion of career path, resume review, interview prep, encouragement, and familiarity etc.
  4. Job Recommendations– Making mentees aware of Job opportunities

Mode of communication: Mentors should agree with their mentees on a mode of communication. There are various platforms such as Facebook Chat, Facebook Video call, WhatsApp Chat, WhatsApp Call/Video Call, Skype, Slack and also, direct phone calls etc.


Mentoring is a voluntary act that requires willing participants; hence we have to find people who have a passion for helping others.

For Mentors:

  1. You agree to meet with your mentee for a minimum of two(2) hours within the two-month period. You can meet for 30 minutes bi-weekly on any platform that creates instant communication (WhatsApp Chats/Call or Phone calls etc) while exchanging emails or chats in between your meeting times (e.g Week 2 – Getting to know each other, Week 4 – Assignment/Share experience, Week 6 – Give Advice, Week 8 – Wrap Up/ Thank You Notes). This is just a guide, you must not follow it.
  2. The bi-weekly meeting is not set-in-stone but please set aside two hours of your time within the mentoring period which is two months.
  3. Once a mentee is not responding well, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can take proper actions. We’ll require you to participate in a feedback report at the end of the session.
  4.  Great Mentors:  Listen exceptionally well 2. Deeply understand their mentees goals, strengths and weaknesses 3. Build trust 4. Advise/share experiences 5. Connect


For Mentees:

  1. You’re meeting with your mentor for a minimum of two (2) hours within the mentoring period and you’ll initiate the first contact with clear goals. 
  2. You’ll have an orientation (on WhatsApp) before the program starts which is compulsory
  3. You’ll be participating in all feedback sessions. Please let us know immediately if you’re having issues connecting with your mentor, don’t wait till the end of the program. Communicate often and early.
  4.  You’ll have to take this seriously. Once we get a negative report from your mentor, we might end your mentorship session and you won’t participate again.
  5.  Great Mentees: 1. Drive the conversation, 2. Take action and explain improvement/change 3. Keep an open mind
  6. Please read these articles to help you on 1. Setting Goals , mentor-mentee relationship  and this 


An important guideline in a mentor/mentee interaction is

(a) civil and respectful interaction

(b) Periodic feedback to the coordinator on objectives, expectations, and status progress

(c) Meeting in public places like in an office, NIFES secretariat etc. Except the coordinator deems it appropriate to meet in a home (mentee should be encouraged to come with a colleague or friend.


Impact of the Council will be measured by (a) the number of people who reach out to the council for mentorship and are paired (b) The number of assisted-persons who are successfully placed in new jobs, got training or made an achievement because of the program.


The career council coordinator helps to match a mentor with prospective mentees and follows up to ensure that the mentee is receiving the help they need in a timely fashion. Hence, the coordinator should be kept in the loop of all interactions between the two parties.

Mentors will submit a report after each cycle via an online platform. The coordinator will send out the link for mentors to fill and submit their reports. It’s a simple report with a few questions.


This mentoring program is meant only for NIFES students or fresh associates from Uniport.

  1. How do I become a mentor?

Kindly register via this link bit.ly/nifescmp

  1. How do I become a mentee?

Kindly register via this link bit.ly/menteereg

  1. Can I be a mentor in a field and a mentee in another field?

Yes. You can be a mentor in a field and a mentee in another

  1. How is the pairing done?

Pairing is done based on the profile of a mentor that matches the need of a mentee

  1. As a mentor can I request a particular mentee?

Yes. As a mentor, you can request a particular mentee based on mutual agreement

  1. As a mentee can I request a particular mentor?

Yes. As a mentee, you can request a particular mentor

  1. How long will the mentoring last?

Every mentoring cycle will last for two months (8 weeks). Relationships can always be maintained.

  1. What are the mentoring fields?

Engineering/Oil and Gas field, Finance and Banking field, Teaching and Education field, Graduate Education, IT         Communication field, Entrepreneur field, Health and Medical field.

  1. How many mentees can I take at a time as a Mentor?

We’ll try as much as possible to assign a mentor to a mentee. The maximum is two (2) if a mentor is willing. Except offering training or seminar, which can include more persons.

  1. Any other questions or complaints?

Please send an email to nifescmp@gmail.com