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There is always something for everyone to do. A quote by Alice Walker states that “the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they do not have any”. Katherine Whitehorn advocates that one is to find out what one likes doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.
In deciding to create a niche for yourself and securing a future, there are important things you must consider.

  1. Your Happiness/ What Interests you: As much as this sounds like a cliche, the first thing to be considered when choosing a career path is your happiness. If truly you are honest with yourself, you have no choice than to thrive in what gives you happiness. It is natural as it comes from within; it is innate. It is a potential that can easily be converted to life businesses or career. When this is discovered, breaking limits, and achieving goals become enjoyable. This is because there is a kind of strength that steams you together from within. You should not be pressured into becoming a doctor when you dislike medicine and blood. That would be a total disaster. To find your niche in life, you must know yourself and be true to yourself.
  2. Marketability: After identifying what gives you happiness, the next issue you must be sincere about is viability. How viable and realistic is this career path? Can I make a mark in this path? It is one thing to identify what tickles your fancy, it is another thing to face reality squarely. Can this work out? Whatever skill is being pursued should be marketable. This is what would create your work opportunities and space in future. Do not rush into a skill or a career just because it gives you happiness, you need to double-check. If the first thing that gives you happiness is not realistic or viable enough, check again. There is always that special skill you can thrive in with hard/smart work.
  3. Social Environment: Another cogent issue is your social environment. There is a common saying that states: “Man, know thyself”. You should as a matter of necessity understand where you can be productive and where you cannot. It is not just about the beautiful offices, serene environment, and the likes. Some people are not effective in those beautiful places. They prefer being in a general, ever busy kind of office. While introverts may be comfortable at a desk job, extroverts often require more stimulation. Try to choose a career that caters for your social needs. However, it is not bad to try out new things, grow in new experiences, weigh both and know what is good for you.
  4. Your Work Style: Individuals also differ in this aspect. Some enjoy deadlines and structure while others thrive with little guidance or management. Discovering your work style can enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity as you are not under unnecessary pressure to do some things. For example, I personally like working with deadlines and structures. If I am left with no deadline, I might produce the result, but it would not be as beautiful and coordinated as when I work with a date.
    Another concern with work style is identifying if you would like to work for someone, go into partnership or be a sole proprietor. Some people naturally have the wheel power to succeed as business owners.
  5. Your Priorities: Setting priorities and working with it is also very important. As you think about your future career, you should make a list of your top priorities. How do you intend to achieve a work-life balance, family-work balance, God-work balance? What is most important to you? Before pursuing a career, figure out what your priorities are; it would help save a lot of time and money. It will also guide you when it seems like you are losing focus.

In conclusion, learn to relate all challenges to God. Peradventure you are pursuing a career that does not motivate you to work or achieve anything but you feel it’s too late to change it or try out something new, turn to God in prayers. He can open your eyes to the prospects and joy of that career path. There is no useless career, all are useful. They are all parts of the same body called achievement, accomplishment, fulfillment, and success. “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”. Kurt Cobain

Written by Orevaoghene Odoko

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