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The outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented economic crisis as even the United Kingdom officially went into recession in 11years. In an article by Nairametrics, it enumerated how several businesses have been affected by the pandemic. Though a majority of ventures may have halted operations, certain businesses have sustainable systems that have enabled them to weather the storm. These set have synergized their business models with technology and leveraged on the boundless opportunities to maintain relevance and even increase growth. Technology remains a driving force for industrial revolutions. With the emergence of Industry4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big data, etc certain jobs are threatened by technology. To remain ahead of the curve, employees must become tech-savvy.

The new normal for businesses and jobs entails the inclusion of technology into their processes. The lockdown imposed by governments during the pandemic required employees to work remotely with less supervision and more deliverables. Considering a drastic change in consumer behaviors, organizations are to render services that suit the dynamics of sales. Technology as a tool could help remodel business functions and design bespoke services that appeal to their customer base.

What does tech-savvy mean?

The Oxford Learners Dictionary defined Tech-Savvy as having a good knowledge and understanding of modern technology, especially computers. Being tech-savvy supersedes knowing how to use a smartphone, computer, or ATM machine. Rather, tech-savvy is the quality of being knowledgeable in trending technology and being able to utilize it in one’s professional and personal endeavors to increase productivity and drive efficiency.

Why Should you become tech-savvy?

The importance of being tech-savvy in the dynamic highly competitive workspace is not overrated. There is data that shows employees are required to have technical skills for non-technical roles. The benefits of being tech-savvy includes;

 1. Guarantees Job security:

With the advent of cloud computing, there are more job roles for employees who are proficient in cloud computing. Without a doubt, a techie is likely to be more effective at a job than a person who is not tech-savvy because the techie can get more tasks done within a short time. More so, techies can work remotely, making them more employable. Furthermore, the salaries of employees in tech are averagely high.

 2. Increases Business Productivity

Analysis of the dropshipping model for delivery has completely revamped the sales delivery sector. Organizations like Amazon and Alibaba have optimized their operations by investing heavily in tech-driven solutions.

 3. Generates extra-income.

Being skilled in utilizing technology could help generate extra income through freelancing. Freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork help people find gigs for creatives.

 5. Improves solution acumen

Being tech-savvy equips you with the ability to proffer creative and ingenious solutions to challenges. Let me tell you a little secret – everyone wants the problem solver in their team

How to become tech-savvy

1. Desire and Curiosity: The first step towards achieving every dream is a strong desire. Therefore, you must first desire to be tech-savvy before curiosity will lead you to learn the necessary skills.

 2. Search for the latest tech trends and get acquainted with them. The best way to be at the same pace as technology is to constantly be on the lookout for emerging technologies.

 3. Read Articles and Books on Technology: Grab good books and articles written by tech experts that can provide you with authentic information on technology.

 4. Acquire a Certified Tech Skill: Enrol for a tech course physically or online. If you cannot afford a paid course, there are many free online courses you can take advantage of.

5. Join a community of Tech Enthusiasts: there are several groups on social media that you could link with. For women, there is Women-in-Technology in Nigeria, She Code Africa, and a lot of others.

Top trending technologies for the new normal  

 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence which includes machine learning is a trending technology in which machines are built to mimic human intelligence and are trained to exhibit human behaviors like talking, image recognition, etc. An example of a device built with this technology is home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa. etc.

 2.  Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality.

Virtual Reality is a technology where a person is immersed in an artificially simulated environment and interacts with it, while in Augmented Reality, digital objects are overlaid or projected into the real world. Mixed reality is basically the merging of a virtual world and a real world.

 3. Robotics Process Automation.

Robotics is the design, construction, and programming of robots to perform human tasks.

 4. Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a technology where things/gadgets are built with embedded sensors that enable them to connect and share data via the Internet without human intervention. An example of this technology is Smart Home Security.

 5. Big Data Analytics

With the onset of the internet, we produce billions and billions of data every day. Big Data Analytics is a field that analyses these data for future references.

In conclusion, computer programming is the bedrock of all these technologies. If you want to dive into any of them, you should learn at least a programming language.

Written by Tamarakeipreye Dekpen

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  • Being tech oriented is not the future but its the current or present. Many companies are retrenching while Cloud companies are recruiting. Most of these highlighted companies made 500 % of their usual annual profit. Thanks once again for sharing. @Jenny Amadi and @Preye

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