EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: A Requisite Skillset for Career-Acceleration in a Dynamic Economy

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Our ability to inter-exist successfully is hinged on our ability to communicate our divergent perspectives effectively. Difficulty in conveying our thoughts often results in misunderstandings and arguments between parties. Talking may come naturally but communicating effectively is a skill set that requires cultivation.

“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Effective communication is our ability to convey information effectively and efficiently. The degree of growth and acceleration in any career is directly proportional to our mastery of the skillset. Communication is the most critical skill required for leadership. If the leader’s vision is ambiguous lacking clarity, inspiring the followers would be drudgery. A subtle combination of emotional intelligence and effective communication is necessary to deliver sensitive information.   

Triple-K Approach

This medium entails knowledge of 3 strategic factors relevant for communication.

  1. Target Audience

Know your target audience as much as possible. Ranging from job interviews, seminars, meeting a client and so on, it is expedient to know who you are set to communicate with. There is something I call “psychological language”. You should always come down to their ways of speaking, using words, mannerisms, body language, vocabularies, things they can relate with, and so on. Before meeting with people, you should ask questions about your target audience, without it you might just be floating.

  • Subject Matter

You should be conversant in what you want to speak about, not just surface knowledge. Knowing the target language will gain their interest but what will sustain their interest is what you dish out. When you know your subject, most definitely you would get positive feedback from your target audience. Good readers or researchers are good communicators.

  • Knowledge of communication Language

Know the target language through which you want to communicate to your audience. There is no point communicating to an audience who cannot even comprehend what you are saying. What language do they understand? What language can they flow better? You cannot get the best feedback from a person who speaks French and you communicate to them in English or from a prospective client who wants you to speak in a particular language and you are saying something else.

Dimensions of Communication

Effective communication is both a

  • soft skill: Verbal communication
  • hard skill: Written communication

Soft communication

  • pay attention to non-verbal signals(body language)
  • speak with clarity
  • emotional intelligence
  • listening
  • straight-talking
  • stress management

Hard Communication

  • Business Writing
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Narrative and Descriptive writing
  • Creative and Expository writing

These skills are very important to achieve effective communication. It is so disturbing that some people do not know how to listen and they claim to be good communicators. Communication is not only about talking on and on, listening is part of communication. As an employer of labor, if you lack listening skills, you would miss out on many things and your organization might probably crumble. As an employee, if you lack listening skills you might probably be out of a job every two months. Everyone wants someone to listen to them and understand their views. As a communicator, do you beat around the bush or you go directly to the business of the day? What exactly does your body language say about what you are saying at the moment? Are they in alignment? How well do you manage stress? How well do you control your emotions?

Effective communication skills give you an advanced professional image and better response from all stakeholders. It helps you understand people and situations. It builds trust, respect and creates the condition for sharing creative ideas. It brings about more productivity and a strong business relation. Good communication skill is a vital skill throughout life. Statistics show that good communication is the highest soft skill in demand on which other soft skills depend. Employers desire it and employees crave for it too.

“Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know”
Jim Rohn

Written by Odoko OrevaOghene

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