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Many of us have been caged with mental slavery, limiting our minds, our abilities, our uniqueness, our style, our beliefs, our excitements and our own kind of energy by our environment (the people we see, what we hear, what others do, what the media or role models portray, what people expect, etc). These things constantly take our attention and subtly define our lives and determine our experiences in the journey. Exactly, five years ago I graduated from the University with a good grade and the excitements that I have just achieved a great feat and so by the definition of the society “I am Successful & Will be Wealthy”. Unknown to me, what laid ahead was an unending journey of discovery and learning.

As young people, we are made to believe that making good grades in school, becoming members of astute professional bodies will make us wealthy and outstanding individuals in our society. We were made to believe that being rich and successful implies been enlisted in world-class magazines, travelling across the world in first-class flights or private jet. We were sold the idea that fulfilment in life comes from our possessions; things we have achieved. We were taught that creativity means starting something no one has ever started. We were exposed to a knowledge that described the beauty of a woman based on the size of her physical endowments and shiny complexions. We were raised to limit the strength of a man to his stature and strong tone.

No doubt the good things of life and beautiful physique are good to have, we can go on and on to mention so many definitions of the things around us. The sad part of these experiences is both the young, the old, those we look up to, those who look up to us are in this struggle unknown to them and it is subtly breaking into our faith. The question becomes “Who Will Break This Chain”? Sadly, the answer is YOU… I mean You… I repeat You… How will you break out of this chain?

To achieve more in life and to continually evolve, you have one task to undertake and that is the task of REDEFINING.

It means to change the meaning of something or to make people think about something in a new or different way. (According to Cambridge Dictionary)
In a nutshell, To REDEFINE means to change the meaning of something. There are two sides to redefining one’s life which are the benefits of redefining and the consequences.

• You become and experience what you define
• You stay focused and fulfilled
• Life becomes easier, fun, and simpler.
• You become free from pressures, anxieties, tensions and fears that bind many.

• You become and experience what others define.
• You experience dissatisfaction and unhappiness in your journey
• You remain in the chains of pressures, anxieties, fear and so many others.

Okay, let’s dive into blueprints that will serve as a guide…

  1. SELF AWARENESS: Self-awareness is a buzz on many lips and motivational books but do we really follow through? Many of us are always in the haste of knowing about something or someone at the expense of losing our own self. To achieve more in life and become the best of your kind, you truly need to pay attention to yourself by listening to your own thoughts, words, patterns, behaviour, interests, deepest cravings, your likes, your dislikes, your style, your traits and many others that lie deep within us first before any other.
  2. EMBRACE YOURSELF: This is really a hard thing to do because we know our bad sides, good sides and little secrets that no one else except God and us are aware. Based on this knowledge of ourselves, we don’t want our own kind we are always trying to be like others. To achieve more and become the best of your kind in this journey, you have to embrace yourself, love yourself, accept yourself, believe in your better self that you can be, accept and enjoy your own failures and success, celebrate your own self, pat yourself and always be there for yourself. Some time ago, I started a waste management business invested a huge amount of money, unfortunately, it failed and I lost my funds, everything around me seemed to be against me, I was ashamed of myself. No motivational information made sense to my mind, I was depressed and thought about all manner of evil. Two years later, I learned how to embrace myself no matter what had happened. Within that period, my life experienced a turnaround and I was able to start up a new lucrative business. Nobody will be there for you, nobody can ever be like you, and nobody can say it your own way or do it your own way. So learn to embrace you! Be there for you.
  3. GIVE YOUR OWN DEFINITION: Take up the task of defining things, patterns and events of life in your own words and don’t live on definitions handed down to you, irrespective of the source but exception to God’s word. Don’t accept other people’s definition without reviewing it from a place of understanding. Sadly, most times we allow people and things around us to define things for us and we quietly accept these definitions, then we find ourselves experiencing what we don’t desire. When I was ready to consider a relationship, I had a lot of ideas about what a relationship should look like; what a man should do for me, and many others then I tried out my first relationship with all these ideas, boom it hit the rock. Early last year, when I was considering taking up a new role, I was targeting a big salary and one of the big four firms in Nigeria. I put in my best for different stages of the recruitment process at the end I wasn’t called up, I felt I didn’t give my best and was feeling a bit pressured seeing my friends working in the big four and other places. Few days after my rejection mail, I got a call from another medium scale organization that I just applied for without any serious intentions. I was called up for I interview, which I went for and by the grace of God performed very well and was employed. When I resumed my new role, I never felt good about the place of work. One very day, God opened my eyes to see in my current role, the peace and the family energy I enjoyed at my role and favors. Then I realized that my definition was the problem
  4. REPROGRAM YOUR MIND: There are millions of information finding their way into the mind on a daily basis, but you have the responsibility to reprogram your mind to strongly believe and accept your own definition of any matter no matter the pressures around us
  5. TAKE STEPS: Everything remains a dream or idea if action is not taken. That is, action gives life to every dream or idea. Having given your own definition to everything, take steps towards making your definitions your own reality.
  6. FOLLOW GOD: We are nothing without God and we can’t become anything without Him

Written by Daisy Amadi

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