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NIFES Career Mentoring Program (CMP)
The goal of this unit is to provide career advice and mentorship.

The goal of this unit is to provide career advice and mentorship to NIFES students and associates who hope to build a career in designated professional fields.The long-term goal of this campaign is to establish a dynamic relationship between NIFES Uniport associates who are working in various industries and their student/younger counterpart who may need guidance to their career path. The long term view is that the council will act as a career resource center for those who need it.Mentoring is a volunteer act that requires willing participants; hence we need people who have a passion for helping others

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Some of Our Mentors

They've volunteered to mentor for free.

Mrs. Grace Toby

Chartered Accountant

Dr. Seleipiri Orubibi

Senior Medical Doctor

Mrs. Voke Udom

CEO, Virtues Events

Mr. Olamide Falase

General Manager, Strategy and Human Resources

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